Our C.Q.R.i.T Electronic Key cabinets are the ultimate go-to for organising your keys for security and convenience. 

Completely automate the process of signing keys in and out. Decide exactly who gets access to what, who and for how long. 

  • AUTHORISATION The door is secured with a two-point locking system that can only be opened by authorised users.
  •  CONTROL Each set of keys is individually controlled, allowing you to restrict access based on user, group, time or quantity.
  • ACCESS Once the door is unlocked, users can only access the sets of keys they’re allowed – all others remain locked in place.
  • ALARMS Alarms will always be logged and recorded in the software. They can also be audible at the cabinet, they can send an email and/or relay the signal to an existing alarm panel. 
  • UNIFIED SOLUTION These cabinets manage your existing keys regardless of type and profile. They can also integrate with your existing readers, access control systems or alarm panels. 
  • REPORTING Every acton or violaton at the cabinet is automatically recorded giving you real-time evidence of all transactions and instant access to accurate reports.
Compatible with your current Gallagher Access Control System.

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